Officer DJ Bigelow Memorial Scholarship

The Paso Robles Police Officers Association Officer DJ Bigelow Memorial Scholarship was established by the PRPOA in the spring of 2015 after we began raising money for our newly established Widows and Orphans’ Fund. This fund was started after realizing we needed to help one of our own going through tough times. All the money to start the fund was donated by the community and because of that, we wanted to give back to the community.

The PRPOA established the scholarship fund to give back to our community who supported and helped us. The PRPOA named the scholarship in honor of Officer DJ Bigelow, who was also a coach at Paso Robles High School.

The Paso Robles Police Officers Association Officer DJ Bigelow Memorial Scholarship aims to maximize the opportunity for graduating seniors in the Paso Robles community by funding their college tuition.

In providing our youth with the opportunity to attend college and lighten the financial burden, we are also enabling them to become positive community members. The motto of our association is “Giving back to those we serve” and what better way to give back than to support our youth and support the future of our community.

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